We believe that intelligently designed offices significantly improve every aspect of a business. They enhance brand identity, attract and retain talent, strengthen staff productivity and morale which ultimately leads to a more profitable business. We call this Workplace Optimisation.

Our success and reputation for excellence is rooted in our turnkey approach, our vast experience in optimising office space and our passion for creating exceptional workspaces where people can feel healthier, happier and more productive. We love a challenge. Pushing the boundaries in the creation sustainable office designs is what drives us.

We would work closely with you to analyse every aspect of your occupancy costs, with the goal of creating an optimised workplace and offering significant financial savings.



By listening to the needs of our customers we have created a range of services that allow us to offer the best solutions for each project and select the ideal partners so that, within the budget and foreseen time, we can offer the best solution in turn.

The main steps of the process:
• Help in choosing the space
• Visit to the space
• Preliminary study
• Budget
• Project
• Beginning of the works
• Furniture supply and assembly
• Delivery

Client support

. Warranty on all products and services provided

. Telephone support

. Equipment and vehicle available for technical assistance


. Office furniture

. Archives

. Libraries

. Lighting

. Partitions

. Auditoriums and Amphitheaters

. Accessories

. Audiovisual


. Furniture renting


. Lighting engineering

. Decorative and technical lighting for:

Service buildings
Public spaces

Building maintenance

. Preventive maintenance – Management of existing and/or new maintenance contracts, in order to reduce corrective maintenance costs:

Air Conditioning
Water & Sewer
Fire Extinguishers


. Corrective Maintenance – Management, survey, classification of pathologies in buildings and infrastructures resulting from wear and tear:

General repairs
Air Conditioning Network
Electricity Grid
Water and Sewage Network
Gas Network



. Functional studies

. Space studies

. Layouts

. Design of spaces

. Infrastructure studies

. Technical execution projects

. Projects for tenders

. Equipment specification



. We help you to find the space most suited to your size and activity.

. We provide technical support at the time of transition.

. We provide office space for your company while your work is in progress.